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About me

A little about me!

I have always been brought up around cats, dogs, hamsters, fish, rabbits and I even have a pet bearded dragon. I have always loved animals and being outside. I am a reliable, trustworthy, caring and friendly professional dog walker based in Jersey. I live out the west of the island and do tend to base my clientele this way too. This helps the dogs not to be in a vehicle for too long, Although i can be flexible to take clients from other areas of Jersey.

Safety for your pet.

I am fully insured with Pet Business Insurance, which includes public liability, injured animals and loss of keys and registered with the JFSC. I like to limit the size of my group walks to 3 dogs or less. This helps me supervise them closely and make sure we are all having a great time.

Going for a Walk
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Personal Training & Experience.

I qualified in Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma which covered a wide range of animal care, first aid, transporting animals safely and their handling. Previous to starting Playful Paws i would use my days off volunteering my time off work for a dog walking company to gain the most experience and confidence as possible.

Security measures.

All of your personal information is kept completely confidential and secure. I also would never put your personal details or addresses attached to your door keys.

Free meet and greet consultation.

I will meet you and your dog(s)/animals beforehand to ensure I can provide the service that you require, this includes a free no obligation meet and greet with note taking and forms to fill out. Also, this is a great time for me and your pet to ensure we get along well.

Positive reinforcement.

I believe that dogs should be treated with the upmost of care and have the best time when out for a walk. I do not believe in physical or mental reinforcement especially shock collars. Treats and being consistent is the way I believe a dog can be trained to behave and have a great time.

dog running with toy
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