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Jersey Dog Walker

Let us keep your dogs happy and healthy!

Dog Walker Jersey

Playful Paws Jersey understands that every animal is different. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your pets. Contact us now for a free no obligation meet and greet. 

Playful Paws

Dog Walking Services & Shop

Area covered:

Playful Paws covers walks and deliveries to all areas of Jersey Channel Island.

Fully Insured:

Playful Paws are fully Insured with Pet Business Insurance covering all services.

First Aid:

Playful Paws are qualified in First Aid within the Diploma in Pet Sitting and Dog walking.


Diploma in Pet Sitting & Dog Walking:

Playful Paws are qualified in Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Diploma which covered a wide range of animal care, first aid, transporting animals safely and their handling. I have also been volunteering my time off work for a dog walking company to gain the most experience and confidence as possible.

JFSC Registered:

Playful Paws is registered with Jersey Financial Services Commission.


Let us keep your dogs happy and healthy!​

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