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  • This chewer dog toys are the best dog birthday toy for your furry friends.  
  • Squeaky dog toys will create a loud crisp sound when you squeeze the dog squeak toys.
  • The plush squeaky dog toys use the sense of hearing to stimulate super chewer. 
  • Dog chew toy work great as a distraction for anxiety over you leaving him for a bit. 
  •  The squeaky dog toy can make a sound when it receives the squeeze. It can continuously attract the puppy's attention and keep dogs busy and out of boredom. 

Guidlines & Warnings. 
-This product is not indestructible and should be used under supervision at all times when playing. 
-Regular checks for damage due to wear and tear are recommended.

-Discontinue use if any damage or loose parts become apparent.

-This product is for pets use only - not suitable for children of any age. 
-Please ensure the product is suitable for your pet.

-Chocking hazard, contains small parts.

Squeaky Animal Dog Toy

SKU: 0008

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